About Georgia
Area: 153,909 sq km
Capital: Tbilisi
Currency: Georgian lari

The territory of modern Georgia has always been inhabited since the Early Stone Age. Early Georgian states of Iberia and kolkheti (Colkhis) rouse in the Classic Antique period which gave a foundation to a common Georgian culture and state. Christianity has been established since the beginning of the third century. The country became a united monarchy in 1008

Georgia has a system of representative democracy and it is organized as Unitarian, semi-presidential republic. Nowadays the country is a member of several international organizations – UN, EU, GUAM, World Trade Organization and Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).

Georgia is 69.700 km2 in area, border length – 1771 km, land border is 1.461 km (Armenia – 164, Azerbaijan – 322, Russia – 723, Turkey - 252), and maritime border is 310 km (Source: Black Sea Silk Road Corridor website)

From its sublimely perched old churches and watchtowers dotting fantastic mountain scenery to its green valleys spread with vineyards, Georgia is one of the most beautiful countries on earth and a marvelous canvas for walkers, horse riders, skiers, rafters and paragliders. Equally special are its proud, high-spirited, cultured people: Georgia claims to be the birthplace of wine, and this is a place where guests are considered blessings and hospitality is the very stuff of life.

A deeply complicated history has given Georgia a wonderful heritage of architecture and art, from cave cities to the inimitable canvases of Pirosmani. Tbilisi, the capital, is still redolent of an age-old Eurasian crossroads. But this is also a country striving for a place in the 21st-century Western world, with eye-catching new buildings, a minimal crime rate and a heap of new facilities for the tourists who are a big part of its future (Source: Lonely Planet)

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Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery Kutaisi
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