About Armenia
Area: 29,743 sq km
Capital: Yerevan
Currency: Armenian Dram

Feel at home in the modern comfort of Armenia’s cities, or in the warm welcome you might get at a village or hamlet, when cupboards open, hot piping coffee is served (or a bit of something stronger), and grandmothers treat you as one of their own. The welcome you receive is genuine; the interest in you is real.
Whether you are a first time visitor or returning to visit family and friends, Armenia welcomes you with open arms.

Cultural Treasures

Armenia has cultural treasures for just about everyone. From ancient cities dating to the dawn of civilization to our art, music and dance — even the way we prepare our food and entertain our guests. It is all part of the fabric of our being. Like the ancient art of carpets we introduced to the world thousands of years ago, our culture is a weaving of sites, sounds and tastes.

Ancient Mysteries

Still other treasures hail from the ancient Armenian world of rituals and beliefs. There is the 1st century Hellenistic Temple at Garni, considered one of the most important Greco-Roman temples in the world, where the Roman worship of the Mythra deity was said to have originated. About 900 years before the Urartians built Erebuni, establishing the city of Yerevan and leaving rich traces of ancestral Armenian culture.

Our Cradle of Civilization

Dig deep enough and you scratch a surface as deep as time. The Ararat valley, believed to have been where Noah descended after the waters parted in the Genesis story, is also home to a number of ancient excavations that dot the landscape; fortress cities that discovered the process for forging bronze and iron and which studied the night sky.

Stargazing with the Gods

Armenia is a place where you can stand with ancient gods at cultural treasures like one of the several petroglyph fields that dot the mountain tops, and at several ancient observatories, including the incredible field of standing stones at Carahundj (Dzorats Kar), “Armenia’s Stonehenge”, near Sissian.

Natures Healing Power

Armenia’s nature is not just a place to explore and adventure in. It can also be a place of healing, of gathering one’s energies, touching the inner soul in a pristine landscape. Armenia’s nature pulses with an energy some call grace and others, a place to be at one.
Refresh yourself with the crisp, cool mountain air or a bracing dip in a spring fed lake. Channel your energy by exploring Armenia’s abundant nature, healing your mind, body and soul in the process. Whether you challenge your strength in mountain climbs and repelling expeditions, or simply stop and take in the view, the power of Armenia’s nature cannot fail but take effect.
Armenia’s trails course through deep woods and grassy plains, over fields of wild flowers and along bubbling springs and rivers. If you want just a simple walk, choose a trail at any of Armenia’s resort areas, such as Tsaghkadzor or Jermuk. More challenging climbs (good for working off a little steam or stress) lie throughout the country, at many of the mountains that ring the country.

Source: Black Sea Silk Road Corridor Website

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